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    Announcing: Fast CMO Edition 6

    By Andrew Nguyen
    Nov 20, 2018
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    We're excited to announce the publication of Fast CMO magazine edition 6. Our magazine shares stories, reflections, and descriptions of what's happening today in B2B marketing. 

    It spans a variety of industries, focusing on diverse channels to deliver a thoughtful overview of where marketing leaders are finding success. 

    Fast CMO magazine issue 3 inside image v3

    It's a collection of perspectives on managing B2B marketing teams and organizations. It captures a mindset, one that focuses on growth, customer insights and cross-departmental coordination. Here's a preview of what's inside. 

    • Clay Stobaugh, CMO at Wiley, describes how the innovation program at Wiley works, and provides advice on how to work cross-functionally at an enterprise-level company. Wiley, is a global publishing company. 

    • Tiffany Wirth, VP of Marketing at WEX Health, shares insights on succeeding with the partner channel, and how she started an annual conference that is now the revenue driving center-piece of WEX Health marketing. WEX Health provides a healthcare financial technology platform. 

    • Jeff Schmitz, CMO at Zebra Technologies, talks to us about the critical areas CMOs need to focus on today. He also shares how to find the right brand message and build a marketing team. Zebra Technologies manufactures and sells marking, tracking and computer printing technologies.

    • Nicole Westenberger, VP of Marketing at Brady Corporation, talks to us about applying B2C approaches in B2B, and the relationship between voice-of-customer and positioning. Brady Corporation is a manufacturer of products for identifying components used in workplaces. 

    • William (Bill) Hurley, CMO at Syniverse, shares with marketing leaders his philosophy and advice for success in B2B marketing.  Syniverse offers a secured global network and engagement platform to enterprise and telecommunication companies. 

    • Kay Fernandez, SVP of Marketing at Konica Minolta, shares her approach to journey mapping, sales enablement, and improving the customer experience. Konica Minolta is a Japanese multinational technology company, and manufactures business and industrial imaging products, including copiers, laser printers, multi-functional peripherals (MFPs) and digital print systems.

    To read these Q and A stories, visit fastcmo.com

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