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    Bizible Discover

    Unmatched Visibility. Right Decisions. Boundless Growth.


    The analytics platform that couples unparalleled performance data with impactful visualizations. Get powerful insights to answer even the most complex marketing questions.


    Answer Important Questions, Easily

    Out-of-the-box Bizible Boards enable marketing teams to analyze multi-touch revenue attribution data to answer questions like, “What sales and marketing action drove this quarter’s revenue?” and “How do we accelerate a prospect’s journey through the funnel?” Drill down and use familiar filters to demonstrate impact, identify trends, and improve your performance.


    A state-of-marketing view, including total revenue by channel, pipeline, spend, ROI, and more.

    Your top growth metrics, all in one view: revenue, deals, pipeline, opportunities, and leads.

    Account-Based Marketing:
    See how many key accounts, opportunities, and contacts you’ve engaged with. Segment and drill down to channels and campaigns in just a few clicks.

    Marketing Spend:
    Keep an eye on spend by channel, subchannel, campaigns, and more.

    Insights for the Whole Team

    Role-specific dashboards help marketing leaders strategically manage the performance of their teams and help channel managers get the granular understanding they need to optimize performance.

    Track and manage your whole team’s performance. See which channels and campaigns are over- and under-performing so you can make smart budget decisions and drive more growth.

    Paid Media Marketing:
    See which channels, campaigns, and even keywords are getting the most bang for your buck. Get the data and insights to make smart optimizations and increase your impact on the bottom line.

    With easy-to-use channel, subchannel, and campaign filters, there are reports for everyone on the demand team—email marketers, event marketers, social marketers, and more.

    Content Marketing:
    Get data to prove your latest blog post or ebook moved the needle beyond clicks and leads. Connect your efforts to pipeline, revenue, and ROI.


    Optimize Your Customer Journey

    Deeply understand your team’s impact on the sales cycle with velocity and sales funnel views.


    See how many prospects are currently in each funnel stage or who was in each funnel stage at a specific time.

    See how many prospects have passed through each stage of your funnel. (SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall)

    Cohort Funnel:
    See how a specific group of prospects progressed through your funnel for true funnel conversion rate analysis.

    Understand which channels are most efficiently progressing prospects through your funnel.

    Big Data for Marketers

    Get more data, including web session data, pageview data, and ad impression data for both anonymous and known visitors. With comprehensive and granular data, create a culture of data-driven decision makers.

    Web Traffic:
    See unique visit counts, form conversions, and more, right next to your attribution data. Finally, you can see exactly how much it costs to bring prospects to your website.

    Ad Impressions & View-Through:
    Prove the full value of your paid media investment. With direct API integrations with all the major B2B ad networks, Bizible reveals and can attribute revenue credit to ad engagements, including view-through conversions with DoubleClick.


    Thousands of data-driven marketers trust Bizible